Joint Birthday Celebration and Giveaway!

 Hey! Long time no blog! Last week was my birthday and this week is the 1 year celebration for Grace Lace and Iron! This Friday, I’ll be giving away a downloadable gift pack that includes my new ebook, “Cheap Clean Recipes” a downloadable workout, complete with written tutorial and an “Active Family” gift pack, which will help you and your family get active and healthy! I felt this activity pack was long overdue, and it will be offered for only 99 cents! This will include printables and teaching tools that will help your family learn how to set fitness goals and help you track them as a family! I’m so excited to share these with you! So go ahead and enter the giveaway! It ends this Friday at midnight! In this life, there are whiners and winners. Whiners see a problem and complain and when offered a solution, whether it costs too much or would take good, old-fashioned hard work. Winners see the problem, face the discouragement and evaluate solutions offered and then promptly take initiative in using that solution. That’s my #motivationmonday

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 Thanks for celebrating with me!

Petal and Stem Wrist-Hugger Review!

Hi There!
Hope you’re having a great Monday! Today’s my birthday, so I can’t wait to have a blast and do some fun stuff!
 Anyway, it’s back to business, well, some pretty fashionable cute business, and while I received free product, I was not monetarily compensated for this post. 🙂

I love accessories, and I was looking over these cute wrist-huggers and hip-huggers fro Petal and Stem, and let me tell you, it fits my style. Being a fitness instructor, I love fashionable and funtional items, and I’m always needing a pocket, because yoga leggings don’t have pockets… When I saw the wrist-hugger, I was super excited, because I needed a way to keep up with my keys, and chapstick without lugging a gigantic purse around…which is what I normally do. So I decided to give this wrist hugger a try.

This pretty little wrist-hugger arrived at my door. They also have lots of other beautiful patterns! I loved wearing this to class because it was so light-weight but durable. I teach a lot of PiYo, so this was perfect for holding my keys, and cash. I even used it to hold some cough drops when I was sick a few weeks ago! The wrist-huggger has two sets of snaps to give it some adjusting power, and is sealed by velcro at the top to keep your items secure. The cotton material was also breathable, which is a major plus for me.  I was so glad it didn’t flop on my wrists, and I got some great complements!  Now, I think they need to make one for holding id’s.. 😉 I really loved going straight from class to running errands with this because I had all I needed in one spot. Yay! I would definitely recommend this product as a great stocking stuffer.You can check out their very fashionable waist-huggers and the other wrist-hugger patterns at

Get Shopping!

5 Ways You can “Shave” Time and Money – while getting fit

Hi There!
It’s workout Wednesday! I was inspired to share my ideas on “shaving” time and money in my fitness routine by the Dollar Shave Club.  In case you don’t know who they are, the Dollar Shave Club is a company that provides great quality razors for as low as $1 each month! Since my husband has beastly facial hair, I knew I could easily appreciate working with Dollar Shave Club on this post!

Today I’d like to share with you some ways that I can shave time and money in my fitness routine. There are a lot of ways I do this, but I thought I’d share with you my top 5.

1. I work out at home. My primary job is as a fitness contractor, meaning that I often times drive to work sites to teach fitness classes. Also meaning that by the end of the day, I don’t want to drive to a separate facility (and spend more gas money) to go work out for only 30-45 minutes and then drive home, losing more time that I need to plan other things, like this post. Hehehe… I write my own workouts.  (Oh the joys of being a fitness instructor!) Or, I do my Piyo home dvd’s, Mash-Up Conditioning, or 21 Day Fix, or Body Beast, which I’m getting ready to start next week. (I can’t wait!) Where we live, it’s just not practical for me to pay for a gym membership, and then drive 25 minutes each way…um, yeah. Micah and I workout together a lot, and that makes for great family time. Don’t get me wrong, I like the gym, it’s just not practical for me.

2. I prep my meals in advance on Sunday. This is fitness-related because it’s important for me to get proper nutrition in order to get results. I often-times roast a whole chicken in a crock pot and use it throughout the week to make soups and stews, and chicken salad. I  also make my own protein bars, which saves me money, by cutting the cost from $1.50 a bar to less than $.50 a bar.

3. I shop craiglist for fitness equipment. We don’t have many good sporting goods stores where I, only one actually, so I shop for steals on used weights…hey, a weight is a weight, right? Safety tip, I’ve never had a problem with Craigslist, but I always take Micah with me when picking up items. I love to shop at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx and Ross for resistance bands and exercise balls.

4. I do HIIT workouts. I take a couple of active rest days a week, but most days, my workouts are 30 minutes or less. I love to do tabatas when I have absolutely no time because they only take 4 minutes. Stressing less is worth working out for 4 minutes. I love my jump rope. I also use exercises that are compound movements, like kettlebell swings, and sneak in my cardio and strength training at the same time.

5. I don’t waste food. We only buy what we will eat. Portion control and a variety of foods is key here. You’d be suprised how much food goes to waste. Keep a close eye on those perishables. Make a big salad. You never know, you might just invent a fabulous new family favorite!

There, now you know my favorite 5 ways to “Shave” time and money in my fitness routine. Thank you to the Dollar Shave Club for inspiring me to write this post! To see their fabulous razor blades, check out this link: Hey, they’d make excellent stocking stuffers!

Start “Shaving”
– Julie

Can you figure out the word this workout spells?

Hi there! I LOVE this cooler weather! So excited about all the fun headed our way. I’ve been getting stuff ready to “yard sale”, and getting ready for some big events….my parents 40th anniversary party in December. (Yes, I like to plan.) It’s December 14th so I like to plan in advance….because that time of year gets busy…too fast. I’m also seeing my bestie, LizBeth, off into the Navy Reserves this month, and want a little cash flow to bless someone who’s brought me hot soup when I was sick, taste-tested every protein bar I’ve ever made, prayed for me on my good and bad days, and plan to go to surfing school with someday. She’s been a tremendous blessing to Micah and I and now we want to pay it forward.
 Today, I would like to share a workout with you! I had fun creating the graphic for this workout! (Can you tell?)

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You can also look up videos for each exercise at

Move them legs!

P.S. Can you figure out what this workout spells? Comment below!