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Hi there! Looking for some great posts!? If you’re like me, you enjoy reading posts that are fun and diverse. I don’t just read health or cooking blogs and blog hops are a great tool for learning about products, experiences, and maybe that pinterest recipe you wanted to try but want an unbiased opinion first.  I stumbled on the Climb blog hop a few months ago and love it!
This hop is hosted by family friendly and resourceful bloggers. You will find recipes, diy, and a little bit of everything here! Please share this blog hop and/or link up your blog! 
Thanks to Angelique Ouilette-Tower for hosting this awesome good time! Tell me what your favorite post is in the comments!

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It’s the month long Networking Blog Hop 
With our 14th CLIMB GIVEAWAY!
Networking means helping each other grow!! 
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Here’s how the Giveaway & Co-hosting works – the co-hosts from the previous month’s CLIMB will have the opportunity to participate in a Giveaway during the next CLIMB – that gives co-hosts 2 months in a row of blog growing fun!!  (If you would like to co-host please sign up at the end of this post using the last “Linky”) 
Please enter below -one person will win:

– $25 Paypal Cash from Sew Crafty Angel & from Cuddlebug Cuties 
– 1 Ad Space on A Peek Into My Paradise for 30 days – $30 value
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– A beautiful Red Seaglass & Rhinestone Cherry Necklace by ShorelineDesigned – $20 value
– “My Cookie Creation Countdown” ebook – $3 value
– “Making Your Own Cedar Roping or Pine Garland” ebook – $2 value
– “G.K.C.C. Gourdon Kringle Christmas Company” Children’s Picture ebook – $4 value
– a beautiful handmade “Coffee Cozy”($5 value)  by Kaitlyn from Three Sisters & Us
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Coffee Cozy by Kaitlyn from “Three Sisters & Us”

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Rare Red Seaglass from Lake Michigan and Sparkly Rhinestone High Quality Cherry Charm on Silver Bail and Chain Necklace

Red seaglass/beachglass is a rare find – and I found this one in Lake Michigan near Traverse City which is the Cherry Capital of the World!  I have carefully drilled the red beach glass into a bead to daintily dangle along with a sparkly sweet cherry rhinestone charm from silver and red jumprings from a silver slide-bail onto a silver chain. Even the lobster clasp is large for ease of use and is quality stainless steel connected to a cute tiny tag steel connector.  The chain undone end to end is 21 inches, and as worn including seaglass/cherry charm will hang 12 inches.

by ShorelineDesigned

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Photo by Helen Fern

Gift Certificate to “H Fern Originals“: (shop description) “My goal is to provide you with quality greeting cards and photographs at an affordable price. I have experienced each image you see and tried to capture the feeling in the photograph.   Please look around, send me comments – both praise and suggestions – and feel free to ask me any questions. .”

All 3 of these ebooks by Angie Ouellette-Tower

Total prize value is $154!!

CLIMB Giveaway Rules & Conditions:
– this is open worldwide (void where prohibited)
– You must be 18 years or older to enter 
– You MUST have a blog to win the Ad spaces (otherwise these will become a second place prizes)

– You must live in the lower 48 of the United States to win the Necklace & the Cozy (otherwise these will become  second place prizes)
– Any tax or shipping costs going above the amount of any gift certificate will be the winner’s responsibility
– You MUST have a valid PayPal account to win the Paypal Cash (otherwise these will become a second place prizes)

– This Giveaway is open from December 1st, 2014 until December 21st, 2014

– Winner must respond to email within 48 hours or a different winner will be chosen

– Giveaway Hosts & Co-hosts can NOT enter this Giveaway!, however – DECEMBER 2014 CLIMB blog hop co-hosts ARE allowed to enter this Giveaway (provided they are not also part of the Giveaway)

– correspondence is done through email and the winner’s email addresses will only be used to deliver or set-up e-prizes.  Email addresses will NEVER be sold or shared.
– All prizes will be delivered by the contributing Bloggers/Shop Owners.
– if you have any questions or concerns about this Giveaway please email one of the hosts:

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 Merry Christmas!

A Move to Carve Your Core – Workout for the Holidays

Wow…I actually had a Thanksgiving post planned…I think I’ll post it next year.

There has been a lot more going on than I could possibly write about in one post  – starting a new job, performing in a concert, and other fun events. I can honestly say that between this and Micah’s birthday this month, we will be going constantly on the weekends. Right now, I would be happy if I could hibernate after this week. (Bears definitely have the advantage on this one.) That being said, I’ve still been staying on top of eating healthy and workout out daily for the most part, even if I workout 5-10 minutes, I try to sneak in fitness when I can.

Christmas survival hint: just do something. It may not be the ideal, but at least you won’t be regretting that you didn’t do any workout.

Celebrate the healthy choices you do make!

I want to stay healthy but also have time to spend with friends and family, so I’ve been working on a 7-day fitness challenge. I’ll be posting the full program on pinterest on Tuesday of next week. All you need is 5-10 minutes for workouts each day, and your list of healthy habits. We will be adding one healthy habit at a time to the list, so by the end of the week, you will have 7 new healthy habits! It’s a start!

This leads me to an awesome exercise that I like to use. There’s a modification for almost any fitness level, and multiple muscle groups are worked, meaning that more calories are burned.  Word of Caution: Be careful if you have a history of wrist or shoulder injuries. In this case, start out with tabletop pose or even seated leg lifts on the floor. Here is the most advanced version, or just hold the reverse plank pose.

Think of this as your sneak peak move. There will be a different move/mini workout each day of the challenge, in fact, you won’t spend more than 10 minutes each day working out, so this is totally doable during this busy time of year. 
For a reverse plank, start out seated on the floor, hands behind you and legs straight out in front of you. (In tabletop feet are bent.) Lift your hips, keeping your shoulders down and core engaged, maintaining a straight line from head to toe. If this is not challenging enough, lift one leg at a time while in reverse plank….and don’t stop breathing…hehe. Hold reverse plank for 30 – 45 seconds or 2-4 leg lifts each leg for 3 sets. Do this first thing in the morning, and you won’t need that cup of coffee…or maybe more so. 
Anyway, tell me what other exercises you’d like to see in the challenge! I can’t wait to hear from you!