5 Minute HIIT Ab Workout and Fitness Towel Review


Disclaimer: I received this product at a very discounted rate in exchange for my honest review. However, I only give items positive reviews when I feel it is a trustworthy product.

Hi! So, I'd recently been looking for a fitness/yoga towel to take to classes with me so I wouldn't have to lug around a mat. So, I when Mango Fitness let me try their yoga/fitness towel. I was so excited!

Why would I want to use this towel?

- It's antimicrobial and wicks away moisture, aka, sweat.
- It has non-slip corners that overlap over any standard size mat.
- It adds just a little extra comfort to your mat.
- If you borrow a mat at your facility, this is a great way to give you a barrier between you and a mat.
-If you want a little extra traction, so that you're not slipping in sweat, this yoga towel becomes non-slip when wet!
- It's easy to clean. Just throw it in the wash!

Adam, is the owner at Mango Fitness, and he was very helpful and super courteous. I really loved working with him!

You can order Mango Fitness Hot Yoga Towels on Amazon

Here's a great quick workout that I wanted to share with you!


Inchworm Walk-outs
Boat Situps

Perform 8 reps of each exercise then, move immediately to the next ab exercise, without any rest. During the next round, perform 7 of each exercise, then 6 of each exercise, and so on until you reach one rep of each exercise. This is a great way to break a sweat and strengthen your core at the same time.

I loved using Mango Fitness' towel, because it made me feel like I had a great grip on the mat with no slipping.

To see demonstrations of both exercises, check out my instagram!


A Move to Carve Your Core – Workout for the Holidays

Wow…I actually had a Thanksgiving post planned…I think I’ll post it next year.

There has been a lot more going on than I could possibly write about in one post  – starting a new job, performing in a concert, and other fun events. I can honestly say that between this and Micah’s birthday this month, we will be going constantly on the weekends. Right now, I would be happy if I could hibernate after this week. (Bears definitely have the advantage on this one.) That being said, I’ve still been staying on top of eating healthy and workout out daily for the most part, even if I workout 5-10 minutes, I try to sneak in fitness when I can.

Christmas survival hint: just do something. It may not be the ideal, but at least you won’t be regretting that you didn’t do any workout.

Celebrate the healthy choices you do make!

I want to stay healthy but also have time to spend with friends and family, so I’ve been working on a 7-day fitness challenge. I’ll be posting the full program on pinterest on Tuesday of next week. All you need is 5-10 minutes for workouts each day, and your list of healthy habits. We will be adding one healthy habit at a time to the list, so by the end of the week, you will have 7 new healthy habits! It’s a start!

This leads me to an awesome exercise that I like to use. There’s a modification for almost any fitness level, and multiple muscle groups are worked, meaning that more calories are burned.  Word of Caution: Be careful if you have a history of wrist or shoulder injuries. In this case, start out with tabletop pose or even seated leg lifts on the floor. Here is the most advanced version, or just hold the reverse plank pose.

Think of this as your sneak peak move. There will be a different move/mini workout each day of the challenge, in fact, you won’t spend more than 10 minutes each day working out, so this is totally doable during this busy time of year. 
For a reverse plank, start out seated on the floor, hands behind you and legs straight out in front of you. (In tabletop feet are bent.) Lift your hips, keeping your shoulders down and core engaged, maintaining a straight line from head to toe. If this is not challenging enough, lift one leg at a time while in reverse plank….and don’t stop breathing…hehe. Hold reverse plank for 30 – 45 seconds or 2-4 leg lifts each leg for 3 sets. Do this first thing in the morning, and you won’t need that cup of coffee…or maybe more so. 
Anyway, tell me what other exercises you’d like to see in the challenge! I can’t wait to hear from you!