Amazing Uses for Coconut oil!

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a post on food..quite awhile. There seems to be a coconut oil craze lately. I remember loving coconut from an early age and used to eat shredded coconut with sunflower seeds for a sweet and salty snack…today, I make “almond joy” protein bars that even my anti-health food family members even seem to like! I recently ask me about oil pulling with coconut oil, and although I haven’t experienced it for very long…I can say that my sensitive teeth feel much better after swishing a teaspoon of this superfood in my mouth. Something that not many people think about is that coconut oil can save you money, and lots of it, when it comes to buying toiletries! It also makes g-free baking turn out sooo much better! I recently compiled a list of the ways I use coconut oil, and would like to share them with you! Just remember that you are using your own judgment when it comes to whether or not you can personally safely use coconut oil for these things, especially for those with allergies to coconut. (Stay tuned for a post on olive oil!)Coconut oil is full of vitamin E, and is also anti-microbial! There’s so many benefits to this oil, that I could write a whole book of posts to explain why you should use this oil!

1. Cook with it. I like to add a teaspoon to my oatmeal…It keeps me fuller. I don’t tend to use it with meat however, unless it’s seafood…because it still has a little bit of flavor. Baking with coconut oil makes great pie crusts, cookies, and protein bars!
2. Shaving cream. Just put a little oil in a bowl…and voila…you have shaving cream…
3. Body Butter. I put about half a cup in a blender, add a few drops of essential oils in a jar, and then I have a great body butter and salve that will soothe even the most aggitated skin…it even works on eczema!
4. Conditioner. Just a little dab will do…
5. Deodorant.
6. Massage oil
7.Mix with sea salt for a great scrub for elbows, knees, and feet. (Don’t use on face.)
8. Mix with coffee grounds and brown sugar for a cellulite reducing scrub, and self tanner prep. (This one’s gentle enough for your face!)
9. Mouthwash. It’s antimicrobial, and soothes your gums!

Hope you enjoyed this article!

Workout Wednesday: Total Body Tune-up

Here we are again! Snow, Snow, Snow!!!! Frankly, I would love for the snow to make up it’s mind whether it’s going to stay or go, but that’s just me. Speaking of snow…I’m always cold, but this winter is ridiculous! Our house doesn’t have central heating, so, I’m forever walking around bundled up, even though we live in the south. 
I have found some wonderful ways to keep warm:
1. Curl up with a good book, a blanket, and a cup of hot tea or hot chocolate.
2. Snuggle with my handsome fella. 🙂
3. Start baking things…our oven gets super hot, so it heats up the entire top floor of the house, which is really the only floor we use anyway.
4 Workout. Do some cardio. I’ll try out routines that I want to post, or pop in a cardio dvd. Either way, I feel better. 
5. Clean house…okay, so I’m desperate by the time I have to do this to keep warm, but it works great, so, there we go. I’m currently working on the 40 days – 40 bags of clutter challenge. Which was deperately needed at our house. I found out that I have 20 books that are great, but for whatever reason, their just taking up space…There’s even some fitness related ones too. (Check out juliesunshine22).

I love total body circuit training, and this one has some sure-fire arm and leg toners.
So, Stay warm, and get moving!

Squat down then while in a squat, reach left leg behind you diagonally. Return to squat then stand. Repeat, alternating sides.

Start out in Plank, hands wide. Bring right hand to meet left hand. Repeat, alternating sides.  
Butterfly Bridge: Perform a glute bridge. While hips are lifted, press knees apart, maintaining tension.Press knees together, then lower. Repeat.
Reverse Plank

Bicycle Crunch