Can you figure out the word this workout spells?

Hi there! I LOVE this cooler weather! So excited about all the fun headed our way. I’ve been getting stuff ready to “yard sale”, and getting ready for some big events….my parents 40th anniversary party in December. (Yes, I like to plan.) It’s December 14th so I like to plan in advance….because that time of year gets busy…too fast. I’m also seeing my bestie, LizBeth, off into the Navy Reserves this month, and want a little cash flow to bless someone who’s brought me hot soup when I was sick, taste-tested every protein bar I’ve ever made, prayed for me on my good and bad days, and plan to go to surfing school with someday. She’s been a tremendous blessing to Micah and I and now we want to pay it forward.
 Today, I would like to share a workout with you! I had fun creating the graphic for this workout! (Can you tell?)

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You can also look up videos for each exercise at

Move them legs!

P.S. Can you figure out what this workout spells? Comment below! 

Workout Wednesday and Weekend Recap

Last weekend was an awesome weekend! Micah and I got to meet up with some dear friends in Atlanta and make some new ones! The challenge group training was so inspiring…so many stories of families and lives being changed for the better! The most important lesson is to be you. You inspire others when they see you putting your stamp on a job. Do your best in whatever you commit to.
We also got to hangout with
Ruthie and
Ronnie, our team leaders, and
Mack, one of our teammates

We had lots of fun hanging out with Micah’s sister Sarah who lives in Atlanta,and of course the weekend would not have been complete without a mockumentary movie night! We watch Razzle Dazzle…hilarious!

Also, I think we planned really well to be healthy on this trip. Not one fast food stop…not one.

Staples for our trips included: gfree wraps, greek yogurt chicken salad, bananas, g-free bars, high fiber protein bars, large bottles of water, spicy brown mustard, and shakeology
Oh, and a printable, customizable workout from this workout was bodyweight only and was great!
I highly recommend having a plan for activity when on he road, so you won’t dread getting back in your routine when you arrive back home.
The workout I printed out only took about 5 minutes to conplete 1 round, and
I felt great afterwards because I knew that
I’d gotten a workout in first thing.
I also added on 10 sets of alternating foward hinge reverse lunges; each set lasted 30 seconds, with 10 seconds of rest between each set. I do a lot of low reps with heavy weights, so this challenged my endurance
I hope the ideas in this post will help you have an active and healthy summer!

Keep it healthy!

Friday 5: The Power of Being Thankful

Here I am on a Friday! I’ve had such a looney past 3 weeks I don’t even know where to begin! Honestly, it’s been a convicting past 2 weeks! I will go ahead and tell you, this post is definitely more on the spiritual side of things, but it’s worth a read because of that reason…

Here lately,  I’ve noticed that we’ve become a culture of entitlement…and ME FIRST…we value our own time, energy, and resources, but want to bicker about paying for this or that…or that we didn’t get the latest and greatest whatever, well, 5 minutes ago…and recently I started picking up this attitude because I was allowing other people’s attitudes to affect mine. And then, it was like God was telling me…”Hey, remove the plank from your own eye!” And it shook me…The power of the attitude thankfulness is powerful! It can change your attitude in an instant! So this weekend…I’m going on a whining detox…I’ve started counting my blessings and I have so much to be thankful, even what’s happened today! Here are 5 things I have to be thankful for:

1. I may have another school added to my music teaching roster in the next month!
2. One of my challengers in my 21 Day Fix lost 3 inches in her waist! And…she’s not even finished with her challenge yet! That made my day that I was able to keep her accountable!
3. My hubby are releasing a new music single tomorrow!
4. My piano student aced his pieces after I left his house yesterday! He learned “Are You Sleeping?” and the “C” scale! He’s only been getting lessons for a month!
5. I’m so thankful for my friend, LizBeth, who came over and did my dishes when my dishwasher was broken!

Oh, and there will be a BIG announcement on Monday!…it has nothing to do with pink or blue! Seriously!

What are you thankful for? Comment below! 🙂

 Have a beautiful weekend!
– Julie