5 Ways You can “Shave” Time and Money – while getting fit

Hi There!
It’s workout Wednesday! I was inspired to share my ideas on “shaving” time and money in my fitness routine by the Dollar Shave Club.  In case you don’t know who they are, the Dollar Shave Club is a company that provides great quality razors for as low as $1 each month! Since my husband has beastly facial hair, I knew I could easily appreciate working with Dollar Shave Club on this post!

Today I’d like to share with you some ways that I can shave time and money in my fitness routine. There are a lot of ways I do this, but I thought I’d share with you my top 5.

1. I work out at home. My primary job is as a fitness contractor, meaning that I often times drive to work sites to teach fitness classes. Also meaning that by the end of the day, I don’t want to drive to a separate facility (and spend more gas money) to go work out for only 30-45 minutes and then drive home, losing more time that I need to plan other things, like this post. Hehehe… I write my own workouts.  (Oh the joys of being a fitness instructor!) Or, I do my Piyo home dvd’s, Mash-Up Conditioning, or 21 Day Fix, or Body Beast, which I’m getting ready to start next week. (I can’t wait!) Where we live, it’s just not practical for me to pay for a gym membership, and then drive 25 minutes each way…um, yeah. Micah and I workout together a lot, and that makes for great family time. Don’t get me wrong, I like the gym, it’s just not practical for me.

2. I prep my meals in advance on Sunday. This is fitness-related because it’s important for me to get proper nutrition in order to get results. I often-times roast a whole chicken in a crock pot and use it throughout the week to make soups and stews, and chicken salad. I  also make my own protein bars, which saves me money, by cutting the cost from $1.50 a bar to less than $.50 a bar.

3. I shop craiglist for fitness equipment. We don’t have many good sporting goods stores where I, only one actually, so I shop for steals on used weights…hey, a weight is a weight, right? Safety tip, I’ve never had a problem with Craigslist, but I always take Micah with me when picking up items. I love to shop at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx and Ross for resistance bands and exercise balls.

4. I do HIIT workouts. I take a couple of active rest days a week, but most days, my workouts are 30 minutes or less. I love to do tabatas when I have absolutely no time because they only take 4 minutes. Stressing less is worth working out for 4 minutes. I love my jump rope. I also use exercises that are compound movements, like kettlebell swings, and sneak in my cardio and strength training at the same time.

5. I don’t waste food. We only buy what we will eat. Portion control and a variety of foods is key here. You’d be suprised how much food goes to waste. Keep a close eye on those perishables. Make a big salad. You never know, you might just invent a fabulous new family favorite!

There, now you know my favorite 5 ways to “Shave” time and money in my fitness routine. Thank you to the Dollar Shave Club for inspiring me to write this post! To see their fabulous razor blades, check out this link: https://www.dollarshaveclub.com/our-blades Hey, they’d make excellent stocking stuffers!

Start “Shaving”
– Julie

4 Ways I Keep Fit While Traveling

Hey There!
Today, we’re going to be talking about how you can stay fit while traveling! Ok, holidays are coming up soon. And a lot of individuals allow their health and fitness routines to pretty much…well, crumble to pieces. Oh, and I was asked to write on this topic by Vegas.com . Look for more posts on Twitter under #TravelFit2014. They’re so reliant on using machines at the gym that they don’t know what to do if they in a place that doesn’t use equipment that they’re used to or their travel dates cause them to miss their gym dates that weeks. I used to run into the same issue, but I’ve since changed up my approach to fitness in such a way that I can pretty much get in a workout any time any where, and I’m not stressing over how to do it, without spending an arm and a leg!

1. Be flexible. Let your routine change a little, and don’t freak out. Know you may have to squeeze in a half hour of bodyweight moves instead of your usual 2 hour gym stint, but let’s face it, the change of pace will keep your body from plateauing, in fact, you may even get some results if you don’t go overboard with your diet.

2. Take advantage of your surroundings. Walk don’t drive. Take the stairs. Go for a hike. Use the hotel pool/gym area. Make sure you’re in a safe area though. If you’re somewhere like Vegas, try the Hotel Hike at the Area Las Vegas. See the sights and get a workout. The resort even loans you a bag with handweights, a water bottle, and a yoga mat!

3. Pack travel-friendly tools. I love to carry my resistance bands with me when I travel. I also take my PiYo or 21 Day Fix dvd’s with me because all I need is body weight and/or resistance bands. I also like to print off the workouts from Workout Labs and Ace Fitness if I don’t have access to a tv and dvd player.

4. Pack protein powder. I carry my Blender bottle and Shakeology (or protein powder) with me every where. This actually saves me money, and I don’t end up eating icky fast food. I also buy bags of mini peppers, bananas, and almonds and eat them as snacks.

These are some suggestions that I use to stay fit while traveling. I find that if I stay in some sort of routine, it’s not a struggle when I return home. Get creative and think outside of the box. The best fitness regimen is a maintainable fitness regimen.

Happy Travels!

-Julie Auler


WOW Wednesday: Giveaway and Beach Trip Recap

Hi It’s Wednesday! Woohoo! I had a great trip to the beach with Micah, and the weather was perfect! I even did some PiYo on the beach! I love bodyweight workouts because they can be done anywhere.  The beach was cool and perfect, and I did walking lunges and pushups…more like active rest days. This pic was taken before a storm blew in Saturday evening. I brought back lots of seashells to get my diy on. πŸ™‚ This is a really advanced PiYo flip, which took some practice…hint, I started with side plank. The ocean breeze felt great by the way. We had blissfully perfect 80 degree weather, and it was partly overcast. Lots of fun body surfing and taking long walks. I love the sunrise at Holden Beach. Our tradition is to get up, as early as possible, and go beachcombing…crazy, right…We also lost our car keys…in the ocean…needed a little excitement…Haha. But it was great to be on our own time, and enjoy taking a break from our routine, even pertaining eating and exercising…you can’t go mental all the time, or you’ll burn out. But we did have fun times racing each other down the beach and competing when it came to push-ups….LOL.

Speaking of workouts, I had lots of fun this week partnering with the fabulous, Lisa, from theskinnyonhealth.com Today, we’re doing an e-book giveaway of my new recipe collection, which is great recipes for warmer weather and a shopping lists, which are also great for tight budgets, and an on-the-go, abs, buns, and cardio workout. I’d really love for you to show her site some love! πŸ™‚ She has awesome travel workouts, recipes, and reviews!Her blog is one of my new favorite health/fitness blogs! Lisa is down-to-earth and balanced in her approach to health and fitness.

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The giveaway is open until the end of this week!  

Thoughtful Thursday: Pushups, Vision Boards, and Creating a Routine

Hi Everyone,
Today’s post was meant for Wednesday, but time definitely escaped me. LOL…AKA, I had to go to work. I’ve felt motivated and driven to get a lot done this week, like expanding my business, finish an e-cookbook, etc. Wait, finish an e-cookbook? Yes, I’ve been carrying this around in my brain for months, and am now finally getting around to implementing it; it’s actually a recipe collection. This is collection of clean recipes for non-chefs, aka, people who want to eat healthier, but don’t have time to cook lots of gourmet recipes that taste great. The recipes are simple, easy to follow, and pretty cheap for the most part. There’s a little of everything there. So, I accomplished one of my long term goals this week. It feels amazing!!! Speaking of goals, remember that post I did about one of my fitness goals for the new year was to gain more upper body strength and do different types of pushups….well, guess what…it happened. This goal is definitely a work in progress still, and will always be because fitness is a journey, not a destination. But here’s a progess report on video:

This is definitely not my strong suit, no pun intended. But in order to reach those goals, I had to come up wih a plan that pushed me outside my comfott zone. 
I know I publish a lot of individual workouts. Here’s what my workout schedule has been this week:

My last and final pic is something that is also a work in progress. I’ve been working on my vision board this week. I’m still adding pics to this it reflects goals from different areas of my life, spiritually, physically, financially, etc.

Sorry but it won’t let me flip the image. So, I know this seems like a random hodge podge of pics but a lot of these areas reflect areas that are a challenge for me. There’s one pic in particular that has lot of meaning to me. It’s the picture of the child. Yes, the child has a cleft palate. For the past 5 years, I’ve wanted to adopt….not just any baby, but a baby that maybe no one else wants because of a cleft palate. I want to pay for the surgeries, so that child will not have to deal with teasing, and malnutrition anymore, and adopt them. Bring that child home, and give them a family to belong to. I think it’s ridiculous that these kids get passed over because everyone else wants “normal” children. I want to write a book….more on that later…As for Isaiah 58:11, look it up. If you know how difficult our job situations have been for the past year, you’ll know why I’m holding on to this verse. What are your goals? Do you have a vision? I would like to challenge you to dream big. Stop letting everyone else’s opinions rule your life, so you can have the opportunity to bless others!

– Julie

Workout Wednesday: Lower Body Toner and $50 Goceries

Ohhhhh Boy,

What a whirlwind weekend…I’m beginning to think that’s normal for me! LOL. Now that I’ve finally recovered. I’m planning for vacation….vacation, that magical, wonderful land of adventure… anyway. It’s one week away, I think I’ll make it! I thought it would be fun to give you a sneek peak at one of the moves from the PiYo Challenge I’m going to be doing over the next 60 days! I’m so excited about doing this program, because after teaching the live version, I’ve experienced much better fitness levels. It’s going to be like Christmas in July! hehehehe….Anyway, after finishing Les Mills, my body is ready for a change of pace. PiYo combines strength and flexibility and cardio, and allows you to get a great workout without all the pounding on your joints, because let’s face it, even the toughest of us needs to take a break. You are not invincible, so be teachable. PiYo takes moves from pilates and yoga, and cranks up the speed, and is totally modifiable, so yes, common sense is welcome. πŸ™‚ One of my favorite things about this class is that the music is fun, but it’s also clean too, so the kids can tag along. I also love that Chalene Johnson understands those who’ve been injured because she’s recently recovered from an injury too.  Today, I want to show you a video of a running lunge. This is a move that I love to tweak and use in my classes, and it give you some serious toning bang for your buck in the legs and glutes. I’ve had clients tell me they can see a difference after a week of this! I thought it would be nice to share. Add a few sets of this onto the end of your next lower body workout for a change of pace.

I like to change up my workouts often. Even if it’s tweaking a move each time, I think it’s the little things that can make a big  difference…you don’t have to do a completely new workout each time, but variety keeps your body from overtraining.
If you’d like to join us, reach out to me via this form: I’m interested in PiYo  I’d love to meet and interact with more of my readers, and see more of them actively taking steps to be active and eat better! I’ll be there for you to encourage you every step of the way, and so will the rest of the group!

Oh, and as not so much of a side note. Here’s what $50 of groceries looks like this week!

I can’t resist a deal on Brussel Sprouts or Watermelon for that matter! Tip: Buy produce (that you know you and your family will eat) that is on special each week. You’d be suprised at how much money you’ll save! 
That’s all for now! πŸ™‚

Workout Wednesday: What I learned at PiYo Training!

Hi Friends!
I hope you’re having an awesome week! Once again, my intent to write a Monday post has been foiled, but hurray for workout Wednesdays! As many of you know, I went to an instructor certification workshop last weekend. The certification is for the PiYo Live format that is the same brand as the new PiYo workout that’s going to be released later this month! I can’t wait!!!! I’m so stinking excited…LOL…I taught this format awhile back and loved it then, but  now I love this format even more because it’s more teachable, and there’s more flexibility with teaching styles and how to teach a class. This is a great format for someone who’s board with what their doing or desperately needs to cross train…or wants to strength train, but is a little intimidated by other forms of resistance training. (Only you and your doctor know what is best before you begin a fitness program, so check first!)
So, what exactly is PiYo? PiYo is a fuzion format of pilates, yoga, and fitness moves that are taught to the flow of upbeat music. Example: You might see a down-dog-to-plank-to-burpee-up in a sequence. Some moves are static/isometric, while others have more of a flow. I loved this workshop, and oh, I felt my abs and glutes the next day!
Here’s an example of what a more advanced sequence of Piyo would look like:
Want to try PiYo moves before the home workout launches? I’m offering a sneekpeek group for those who want to try a simplified PiYo move each day, and make some new friends! To sign up, go to PiYo test group and ask to join the group! πŸ™‚ That’s it!

The presenter, Amanda was so nice, and made all of us move out of our comfort zones, by having us focus on cuing…which is tougher than you think, those of you participants who snarkily say in your heads, “I could teach THAT class”….it’s tougher than you think…Just because someone doesn’t teach your format…i.e., cycle, kettlebell, or zumba…doesn’t mean that it’s any less difficult…I loved how my muscles felt so much stronger 3 days later…after the DOMS wore off…of course, I did 3 hours worth of exercise…Have you tried PiYo? How do you like bodyweight training? I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

Wonderful Wednesday: Inspiring Stories, Ruthie

 Good morning! The snow is falling and I’m preparing for a snow day tomorrow. But my guest today, lives in beautiful Florida, near the Emerald Coast area…so jealous. Her name is Ruthie, and I cannot tell you what an amazing lady she is! She’s stared obstacles straight in the face and is very inspirational to me as a person and fitness professional. One of my first memories of her was attending our first PiYo training together at the Dowd YMCA in Charlotte! What a fun trip and a tough, but totally worth-it workout! Both of us were experiencing major transitions in our lives, and I’m proud to say, she’s a great example of how important of having a strong faith and great support system are for even us fitness professionals. Here’s her fitness strory:

My journey from a group dance fitness instructor and Personal Trainer to (a stay at home) (home based) Health and Fitness Business owner.

My personal health and fitness journey started in 1999, I was a working mom with 3 kids. At the time I was working as a dental assistant, a very unhappy dental assistant.
You see I’m one of those people that need to see a greater purpose, just working a job to make money just doesn’t motivate me. I want to feel a part of something bigger, something with purpose. I was looking for something that excited and challenged me, made me look forward to getting up each day to meet the challenge. I wanted to be involved with people at a deeper level.
One day a couple of my fellow employees invited me to join them at the gym, after work.
This is where I found my passion, you see it was the first time I had participated in a group aerobics class! It didn’t feel like I was even working out! I loved the music, the energy, and the fun.
From that day forward I knew that I wanted to be teaching some type of group fitness activity.  I loved dance, so I soon found a local Jazzercise class to attend.  It became my happy place! I so looked forward to attending the class several nights a week after work.

Soon after I became a licensed Jazzercise instructor.
And for a couple of years, I taught a couple classes a week at a local studio. But I wanted to do more, so I opened up my own Jazzercise studio which I ran  for 5 years.
Wanting to go deeper into fitness, I soon received my AFAA group instructor certification. I continued my fitness education and I became a N.A.S.M. certified personal trainer, Sports Nutrition Specialist and a Zumba instructor. During this time I was teaching some group classes at area gyms and holding fitness Boot camps.
Several years ago I decided to get certified to teach a  format called PIYO Strength, the certification instructor introduced me to the Team Beachbody Coaching opportunity. (Virtual Fitness Coaching)
At first I wasn’t sure how I could incorporate this type of training into my fitness business, especially since it didn’t involve hands on training with a client or group as I had been accustom to.  So I continued to teach some classes and run a few boot camp fitness classes, while I also worked on growing my Team Beachbody business from home.

Fast forward a couple of years and I am now dedicating most of my time to developing my Team Beachbody business. With virtual coaching, I work with clients nationally, on their schedules, providing support, encouragement and accountability with superior nutritional products and workout programs. All keys in attaining and maintaining health and fitness.
For more information about Beachbody products, programs and accountability groups visit http://ruthiegage.com/beachbody  
or connect with Ruthie on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ruthie.gage

Jeremiah 29:11

11: For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, β€œplans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Please check out Ruthie’s website and pages. She is a breath of fresh air with her positive attitude, and her love of helping people!