My Top 5 Fat Blasting Workouts

Happy #workoutwednesday !

I am so happy to be back into a normal exercise routine. I had a sinus infection last week…and well…I was most definitely detained from working out at any decent intensity. I focused on making some changes to the blog and hopefully, they’ll make this blog more user-friendly. Let me know if you have suggestions. I’m happy to hear them!

This week, I’m going to share some of the workouts I’ve written for the blog. These are my favorites and I programmed them to sneak in cardio and strength training. You can use weights, your own bodyweight, a resistance band, and/or jump rope.

Click the Titles to the posts to read the full workout instructions, and as always, consult with your medical provider and use common sense before beginning a workout regimen. I am recommending these workouts based on my personal use. It is at your discretion if you would like to do them.

5 Minute Fat-Blasting Legs Workout

This leg workout has you racing against the clock  to see how many rounds you can complete in 5 minutes…you could even challenge yourself to see how many rounds you can complete in 10 minutes. (Intermediate – Advanced)

Full-Body Fat Blaster

This workout uses only your body weight and intervals to get your heart pumping and uses your core without crunches. (Modifiable for beginner to intermediate)

Abs Buns and Cardio Challenge

Warning: this workout is not for the faint of heart, my best gal pal, LizBeth, and I did this workout at the gym, and we were pouring sweat in probably 2 minutes. Do this with weights or without…or modify with a resistance band on some moves, if you dare. (Intermediate – Advanced)

Speedy Tabata Abs and Cardio

This is a great workout to use if you’re short on time. Each tabata is only four minutes, and if you’re a beginner, you can just do the first two supersets in the workout and skip the third. (Beginner – Intermediate)

30 Minute Cardio Blast

This total body workout will have your heart pumping in no time. This is a great workout for people who don’t have time for a body-part-split-day routine.
(Beginners – Intermediate)
How many days do you train each week? Tell me in the comments below! I love a good workout! It makes me feel refreshed!


5 Reasons to Strength Train

 Strength training, it’s something not a lot of women look forward to. Many women I know love, or at least, tscles in order to unload the car, and pick up children and do a physically demanding job. Just in case you think some pushy trainer is the only one who thinks you need to strength train, think again! The American College of Sports Medicine makes the rules for strength training, and also has a free list of studies you can read about the positive effects of strength training. e

Here’s my 5 Reasons to strength train:
1. It cranks up your metabolism – big time. You need muscle to burn fat. Muscle burns more cals at rest than rfast…aka…staying on the treadmill for hours only burns calories for the amount of time one is on the treadmill. Circuits and tabata style workouts even allow one to combine strength and cardio if crunched for time

2. It builds bone density. Did you know that a woman can lose up to 25% of her bone density over a lifetime? Imagine losing 25% of your height…. yeah, you might want to start pumping bands or iron.

3.Muscle is what causes muscle tone, not cardio. Cardio will help remove any excess fat on top, but what we refer to as tone is actually a healthy, defined muscle showing through skin…no muscle, no tone….skinny flab. Ladies, we only have 25% of the testosterone that a mna has. We only have one-fourth the mass-gaining potential…and the average man does not build muscle like Arnold.

4. It provides me with  a means to live life better, with more energy. Because I do push-ups, I can swing my nieces and nephews around. Because I do dead lifts, my back is pain free.Because I
 do planks, I’m not as winded when I hit those high notes in band practice.

5. It helps me get out of my own head, and take time for me. That’s not sinful, it’s Biblical. I can do something that will allow me to serve others better! If I’m wearing down my body in the name of doing all this stuff for others, but meanwhile, my energy suffers. There will come a day when I’m no longer able to do for others because I didn’t invest in myself. This is more of a personal reason for me, but it’s practical.

I hope you’ll start a new habit, or pick up an old one and try strength training. I feel that at least one of . these reasons applies to everyone, and I know how it has changed my body inside and out!

What’s your favorite format? supersets, circuits, tabata?
Comment Below!


Friday 5 and a Yummy Dinner Idea

Hi Everyone! It’s my last post of the week before I head to South Carolina for the weekend! I’m very excited because it’s my dad’s birthday weekend! So Micah and I are packing up Orion and headed to SC. That said, I’ve had a busy week, and the 5 ways I’ve been active are

1. Working glutes and shoulders on Monday. (Ultimate Booty Workouts – Phase 1) and teaching Aqua Zumba ®
2. Circuit workout from
3. Taking pics for and doing the Total-Body Tone Up I posted on Wednesday. See below for pics.
4. A Cardio Killer Workout
5. Packing and Cleaning house for our trip this weekend…oh and Doing Monday’s glute workout again, and teaching a tabata class!

Oh and by the way, I experimented with spaghetti squash. Here’s what I did: 
1 lg. spaghetti squash roasted at 400 for 30 min. 
1 jar of organic, low-sugar tomato sauce
1 c. of cooked lentils…I don’t soak them, but I do rinse them very thoroughly before I cook them.
After the sauce was warm and lentils were cooked, I combined the two. The result, a yummy meatless meal high in protein and filling fiber! It was a hit at our family gathering! 

Have a wonderful weekend, we’re supposed to have weather in the 60’s where I’m going, so YAY!!!! 🙂

Workout Wednesday: New Year’s Fat Blaster

Happy New Year all! SOOO I’ve been looking forward to the New Year with great anticipation! This marks a new chapter in married life for Micah and I as he has completed his biotechnology degree and I plan to start working on a degree in nutrition. 🙂 Call me a nut, but I actually enjoyed college for the most part. I’ve always secretly wanted to be a fitness model…lol, and today I’m the model for all of the pics in this workout. (Just a little 411 for those of you who’ve never met me in person.) A little tangent before I go into the tutorial for the workout: I’m so thankful that I’ve had people to spend Christmas and New Year’s with. There are many people who spent both these holidays alone, and I realize how blessed I am to have wonderful friends and family to spend both of these days with!
Today’s workout consists of the tabata method, and will knock out those problems areas, and count as a little cardio. So set your timers, and push through this one. It’s tough, but it’s over with in only 12 minutes if you push through it.


Jump Rope: hop as quickly as possible. Focus on small skips. If you don’t have a rope, pretend you do.

Reverse Crunches: Use your muscles, not momentum. Your lift at the top won’t be a large movement at first.

 Side Traveling Squats: Beginners, don’t squat as low, and use a chair. Squat halfway, then reach right leg to the side. Stay low and bring left foot in same direction. Squat down lower, then stand halfway. Continue in the same direction, but during the next round, travel the opposite way. Use your best judgement on squat depth.

Glute Bridges: Heels must be pressed into the floor with feet about hip-width apart. Squeeze your glutes and pause at the top.

Dolphin – Shoulder Plank: Squeeze your shoulder blades through the movement. If you have weak shoulders, swap this for another shoulder exercise.

 Oh and last but not least, here’s the cute little graphic. If you like this workout, feel free to pin it!

 Some advice: During squats, you know your limits and what is safe for your knees, so you know how low you can go. Use your glutes, it takes stress off your knees. You should be squeezing your glutes during bridges also. During jump rope, keep your knees slightly bent, and really pull your lower abs in during reverse crunches, and dolphin planks.

Enjoy this one, it’s tough!

Disclaimer: Although I’m a fitness professional, not all workouts are suitable for everyone. Please consult your doctor before beginning any exercise/fitness regimen.

Motivational Monday – Goal Setting and Top 5 Fitness Gifts!

Well, after a busy weekend, my husband, Micah, just graduated from college – I’m gearing up for an even busier week next week. Oh my whoa, it’s been crazy around here, and all I want to do 24-7 is sleep…that’s right, I, who always have energy, could sleep through the holidays right now. So here’s how I’ve been managing to swing staying inspired to keep getting my fitness and healthy eating on because I don’t believe in New Years’ Resolutions…you can commit to better habits any time of the year. New Year’s just makes it a more momentous occasion…

1. Get a workout buddy…someone who doesn’t “talk junk”, but someone who won’t beat around the bush. If you need to write out a contract for each other on paper. You are less likely to fudge if it’s official. For example, I’m forgoing chips this month, this is because it is a trigger food for me, meaning I could eat tortilla chips by themselves…by the bagful.

2. Keep a workout and food journal. The workout section of this is great, and let me explain why... I have a minor in strength and conditioning…rule numero uno…write out your goals, then your plan to get to those goals…you need to have an idea of what you’re going to workout in advance, on what day, etc., then write down which exercises you need. FOOD journal…this is important for me…I come from a long line of compulsive eaters, so this helps me keep on track, making sure I have sufficient protein, fiber, fats, etc. to keep my body fueled. My weakness is salty carbs, aka chips, and when I see it all on paper, the portion sizes are put into perspective for me.

3. I cannot say it enough….take time to destress… the world is full of people who are losing perspective and caught up in the materialization of it all. I call this the “Martha” complex. If you try to make your house and your family “perfect” for your guests, you are doing yourself and your loved ones a disservice. I’ve been in picture perfect surroundings, where I was miserable because of all the drama and stress going on…it’s not worth it. This season is about what’s going on on the inside, not the outside. 

4. Get rid of the self sabotage…I’m sick of this so-called fit-spo on pinterest and tumblr and instagram…God gave you the body you have for a reason, so stop trying to be an anorexic teenage girl who’s been photoshopped…GET OVER IT. You should be the healthiest you possible, not someone else. If you’re 32  with curves, stop trying to be a skinny 15-year old…granted, you can be an in killer shape 32 year old, but you will not be that 15-year old…rock YOUR healthy. Take it from a former anorexic. “You are fearfully and wonderfully made…”

Now to the less serious part of my post…a Christmas Wish List. You could get this for any person on your list and they would love these fit gift ideas:

1. A workout journal: with all the free printables out there, you could even custom build one for your friend, spouse, whoever.

2. A blender bottle: you honestly can’t have enough of these…

3. Resistance Bands or loops: you can’t have enough of these either….

4. A Gymboss timer: tabata workouts are all the rage this year and will be in 2014

5. A foam roller…for all the DOMS that will ensue from use of the resistance bands. 

 Remember, this time of year is for reflection; don’t forget the Reason for the Season!

Tabata Turkey Blaster

Happy Thanksgiving!
With a full tummy and thankful heart, I write to tell you I successfully got in a workout on Black Friday, and you can too! I was at my parent’s house for Thanksgiving, and they don’t have a lot of room, but I brought my resistance bands, and I tell you, I was breaking a sweat!!! And I was breathing like I had just finished a round of sprints! I felt accomplished! But, the magic was I accomplished all this in 8 minutes! I used the Tabata format, and will probably use it for years to come! It works for me, and I can get on with my day. Here’s the Turkey blaster I did on Friday!
Exercise Tips
Bent Row: hinge at the hips without rounding the back. Keep your abs in tight as you pull the band toward your abdomen and exhale. Squeeze those shoulder blades.
Runner’s Toe Taps: Get into Runner’s Lunge Pose, hands on the floor. Keeping weight in the front foot, quickly tap back foot forward and back, bottom down.

Push-Ups: Whether modified or full, keep your abs in tight, work on  a controlled motion, quality over quantity.
Jumping Jacks: NO pidgeon toes, and keep your knees slightly bent at all times. You’ll need to tie the band tight enough to keep tension on it throughout the entire exercise.

Enjoy this workout, and tell me of your progress!

Terrific Tabata

Ok…so, I hate cardio…just for the record. I do the occasional 5k, but the idea of spending anywhere from 30 – 60 minutes on a a machine that makes me feel like a two-legged hamster. I realized I haven’t touched on this topic since I started the blog over a year ago. Well, here it is. I love the results I get from sprinting, but I knew there just had to be a form of cardio out there, other than the Zumba® classes I teach, that challenges my mind as well as my body. Well, here lately, I’ve been on a Tabata kick. It’s wonderful. I get my cardio done in less than 10 minutes, am dripping with sweat and actually feel like I got a workout. You might say, Ta-whata? Tabata training was discovered by a Japanese scientist names Izumi Tabata. It works the cardiovascular system and the musculoskeletal system, increasing endurance and strength. Tabata training involves 20 seconds of high intensity work followed by 10 seconds of rest. This pattern is completed 8 times. I usually like to do 2-4 types of tabatas in a cardio workout.

Sample Tabata workout:
20 seconds jumping jacks
10 seconds rest (march in place)
complete 8x
20 seconds squat to kick and punch
10 seconds rest
complete 8x

Well, I thought I would hate Tabata too, but I was wrong. It’s wonderful…(did I already say that?), and it accelerates results, and it saves time. It can be adapted to your fitness level, no matter what level you are, and it isn’t  time consuming! And…you can even do these workouts at home! Try it out you just might like. I like Tabata so much now, that I even teach a combined strength and Tabata class now!